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Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow

Imagine having perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows with just a few strokes. With Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow, achieving your dream brows has never been easier. This innovative eyebrow product offers a quick and convenient way to fill in sparse areas, add volume, and create a more polished appearance. Forget about spending hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect your brows – Gimme Brow is here to save the day. Join the ranks of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Fenty Beauty, and Urban Decay enthusiasts and discover the secret to flawless eyebrows with Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow.

Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit Cosmetics is a popular beauty brand known for their innovative and high-quality products. They offer a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty tools that cater to different needs and preferences. One of their standout products is the Gimme Brow, which has gained a loyal following for its ability to create natural-looking and well-defined eyebrows.


Benefit Cosmetics was founded in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. The brand started as a small beauty boutique in San Francisco and quickly gained recognition for their unique and quirky packaging. Over the years, Benefit Cosmetics has grown into an internationally recognized brand with a strong presence in the beauty industry. They continue to innovate and develop new products that cater to the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Gimme Brow


Gimme Brow is a brow-volumizing fiber gel that has become a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts. This innovative product allows you to achieve fuller and more defined eyebrows in just a few swipes. Whether you have sparse eyebrows or simply want to enhance the natural shape of your brows, Gimme Brow is designed to give you the perfect arches.

Product Description

Gimme Brow comes in a small, portable tube with a brush applicator. The gel formula contains tiny microfibers that adhere to your brow hairs, creating natural-looking fullness. The brush is designed to evenly coat each hair and the gel dries down quickly, ensuring long-lasting results. The compact size of the product makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups or travel.


One of the major benefits of Gimme Brow is its ability to create the illusion of thicker and fuller eyebrows. The microfibers in the gel adhere to your existing brow hairs, giving them a volumized appearance. Additionally, the gel formula is water-resistant, making it ideal for all-day wear. The product is also buildable, allowing you to create a subtle or more dramatic look depending on your preference.


Gimme Brow is available in different shades to suit various hair colors and tones. Benefit Cosmetics offers a range of shades, including light, medium, and deep, to ensure that everyone can find a perfect match. The shades are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural brows, enhancing their color and shape.


The Gimme Brow formula is made with high-quality ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin. Some of the key ingredients include water, glycerin, and beeswax, which help to condition and nourish the brow hairs. The microfibers in the gel are made from synthetic polymers that provide the volumizing effect.

How to Use

Using Gimme Brow is simple and easy. Start by brushing the gel through your eyebrows using short, upward strokes. The brush will evenly distribute the product and help to shape your brows. For a more intense look, you can apply multiple coats until you achieve your desired level of fullness. The gel dries down quickly, so you don’t have to worry about smudging or smearing.

Customer Reviews

Gimme Brow has received rave reviews from customers who appreciate its ability to deliver natural-looking results. Many users praise the gel for its long-lasting formula and ease of application. People love how the product fills in sparse areas and adds definition to their eyebrows without looking too heavy or unnatural. Overall, Gimme Brow has become a holy grail product for those who want to achieve picture-perfect brows.

Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow

Other Benefit Cosmetics Products

They’re Real! Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real! Mascara is another popular product from the brand. This mascara has gained a reputation for its ability to lengthen, volumize, and define lashes. The specially designed brush separates and lifts each lash, giving you a wide-eyed and dramatic look.

Hoola Bronzer

The Hoola Bronzer is a cult-favorite bronzing powder that has become a staple in many makeup bags. The matte formula is perfect for contouring and adding warmth to the complexion. The Hoola Bronzer is available in different shades to suit various skin tones.

POREfessional Primer

Benefit Cosmetics’ POREfessional Primer is a lightweight and oil-free formula that helps to minimize the appearance of pores and create a smooth canvas for makeup. This primer blurs imperfections and allows foundation to glide on effortlessly.

Comparison with Other Eyebrow Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is another popular eyebrow product that is often compared to Gimme Brow. While both products aim to create fuller and more defined brows, the Brow Wiz is a pencil-based formula that allows for more precise application. It is great for filling in sparse areas and creating a natural-looking shape.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is a highly pigmented and waterproof formula that is preferred by those who want more dramatic and long-lasting results. This pomade is applied with an angled brush and can be used to create sharp and precise brow looks.

Other Eyebrow Products

In addition to Gimme Brow and Anastasia Beverly Hills products, there are numerous other eyebrow products available in the market. These include eyebrow pencils, powders, gels, and tinted brow mascaras. The choice of product depends on individual preferences and desired results.

Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow

Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements

Celebrities Who Use Gimme Brow

Gimme Brow has gained popularity not only among everyday beauty enthusiasts but also among celebrities. Many celebrities, including Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, have been spotted with enviable brows that are believed to be achieved with the help of Gimme Brow. Their perfectly groomed brows have inspired many to try out the product and achieve a similar look.

Influencer Reviews

Influencers play a significant role in shaping the beauty industry, and many have given their stamp of approval to Gimme Brow. Influencers with expertise in makeup and beauty have tried and reviewed the product, showcasing its effectiveness and versatility. Their reviews often include tutorials on how to use Gimme Brow to achieve different brow looks.

Availability and Pricing

Where to Buy

Benefit Cosmetics products, including Gimme Brow, can be found at their official website, as well as various beauty retailers and department stores. Additionally, Benefit Cosmetics has their own boutiques in select locations where you can find the full range of their products.

Price Range

The price of Gimme Brow may vary depending on the retailer and location. On average, Gimme Brow is priced around $24.00. While this may seem like a higher price point for some, many customers find the product worth the investment due to its quality and long-lasting results.

Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow


Is Gimme Brow waterproof?

Yes, Gimme Brow is water-resistant, making it suitable for all-day wear and ensuring that your brows stay in place even in humid or rainy conditions.

Can Gimme Brow be used on sparse brows?

Yes, Gimme Brow is designed to fill in sparse areas, creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows. The microfibers in the gel adhere to your existing brow hairs, giving them volume and definition.

Is Gimme Brow suitable for sensitive skin?

Gimme Brow is formulated with gentle ingredients and is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, as individual sensitivities may vary, it is always recommended to do a patch test before applying any new product to your skin.

Does Gimme Brow come with a brush?

Yes, Gimme Brow comes with a small brush applicator that is designed to evenly coat each brow hair and shape your eyebrows.

Can Gimme Brow be used with other eyebrow products?

Yes, Gimme Brow can be used on its own or in combination with other eyebrow products. It can be layered over eyebrow pencils or powders for added definition and hold.

Is Gimme Brow vegan and cruelty-free?

Benefit Cosmetics is committed to producing cruelty-free products. However, it is important to note that Gimme Brow is not vegan, as the formula contains beeswax.

Tips and Tricks

How to achieve natural-looking brows with Gimme Brow

To achieve natural-looking brows with Gimme Brow, start by brushing the product through your eyebrows in short, upward strokes. Focus on filling in sparse areas and creating a defined shape. Use a lighter hand and less product toward the front of your brows for a more natural effect.

How to shape and sculpt your eyebrows using Gimme Brow

To shape and sculpt your eyebrows with Gimme Brow, use the brush applicator to outline the desired shape of your brows. Fill in any sparse areas using short, upward strokes. Focus on adding definition to the arch and tail of your eyebrows for a sculpted look.

Creating an ombre brow effect with Gimme Brow

To create an ombre brow effect with Gimme Brow, start by applying a lighter shade of the product to the front of your eyebrows. Gradually transition to a darker shade as you move towards the arch and tail of your brows. Use the brush to blend the colors together for a seamless gradient effect.


Gimme Brow from Benefit Cosmetics is a game-changer when it comes to achieving perfectly groomed and defined eyebrows. The unique formula and brush applicator make it easy to create natural-looking fullness and shape. With its water-resistant and long-lasting formula, Gimme Brow is the go-to product for those who want to enhance their brows with minimal effort. Whether you have sparse eyebrows or simply want to add volume and definition, Gimme Brow is a must-have in your beauty arsenal.


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